Colin Evans
Trade Diplomacy Advisor

Professor Colin Evans is widely considered to be the world's foremost Trade Diplomat. He is a former Commissioned Officer in The Royal Marines. He completed his military education at the Commando Training Centre at Royal Marines Officer Training Wing and Britannia Royal Naval College,where he graduated from the Professional Studies Course reading Strategic Studies, Military History, Military Science and International Studies. His military career included an exchange with the Portuguese Special Forces at the Special Operations Troops Centre at Lamego in Portugal, where he was schooled in Unconventional Warfare. He later qualified in Portuguese Language and Culture at Portugal's oldest university, University of Coimbra and he holds a Licentiateship (LCGI) and Graduateship (GCGI) in Leadership and Management from the City and Guilds of London Institute.

During his diplomatic career he has held multiple fully credentialed positions serving several countries and Inter-Governmental Organizations, such as UNESCO. His posts have included Trade Commissioner, Economic Adviser, Commissioner for Oaths, Senior Trade Delegate and Special Envoy. He has recently completed a one year Commission as an Accredited Observer at the United Nations Economic and Social Council in Vienna. Professor Colin Evans serves on the Faculty of EUCLID (Euclid University) as Adjunct Professor of Trade Diplomacy. His subject specializations are Trade Diplomacy, Leadership and Management and Global Affairs and Development. He holds a place on the Academic Assessment Committee of the Intergovernmental Organization EDU and is a tenured Professor of Diplomacy at the Diplomatic Corps Institute.



Dr. Christopher Lingle
International Political Economy Advisor

Prof. Dr. Christopher Lingle earned a doctorate in economics from the University of Georgia in 1977. Since then, he has been employed at universities in Africa, Europe, Latin America and USA. Currently, he is a Visiting Professor of Economics at Universidad Francisco Marroquín in Guatemala (since 1998), Adjunct Scholar at the Centre for Independent Studies (Sydney), Research Scholar at the Centre for Civil Society (New Delhi), and Member of the Academic Advisory Council of the Globalization Institute (Brussels). He is an Expert of International Political Economy at Asian Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs (AIDIA), Kathmandu, Nepal. Dr. Lingle’s research interests are in the areas of Political Economy and International Economics that focuses on emerging market economies and public policy reform in Europe, East Asia, Latin America and Southern Africa. His previous academic positions include: Visiting Fellow in the Department of Management of City University in Hong Kong (February to March 2010); Visiting Professor at Institute of International Studies, Ramkhamhaeng University in Bangkok (2008 to 2009); Adjunct Professor of Economics, Georgetown University (July 2004): Visiting Associate Professor of Economics, Case Western Reserve University (1996-98); Visiting Scholar—Emory University & Adjunct Professor of Economics—Georgia State University (January 1995 to August 1996); Senior Fellow, European Studies Program, National University of Singapore (September 1993 to November 1994) among many others.


Dr. Ernesto Sirolli
Economic Advisor

Dr. Ernesto Sirolli is one of the worlds leading consultants on the topic of economic development. Dr Sirolli established the Sirolli Institute in USA in 1995, a social enterprise that teaches civic leaders how to capture the passion, energy and imagination of their citizens. Dr Sirolli recieved his Laurea di Dottore from Rome University in 1976 and a Ph.D in Enterprise Facilitation from Murdoch University, Australia in 2004. He is an Industry Fellow at CSRM University, Queensland and currently is the Economic Advisor for AIDIA.


Dattesh Prabhu Parulekar
International Affairs Advisor

Dr. Dattesh Prabhu Parulekar is the Spokesperson of BJP Foreign Policy Cell India. He is working as a research director in an Indian School of Strategic Studies, Goa and visiting faculty at Naval War College, INS Mandovi, Goa.He is also an advisory member of Academic Council, India Studies Program and State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is a Secretary-General of United Nations Association of Goa and Vice President of Forum for Integrated National Security, Goa. Dr. Prulekar has completed his PhD under Fullbright Junior Research Fellowship in International Relations and completed masters in International Studies. His areas of specialization are US Foreign Policy, India’s Foreign Policy and Diplomacy, International Organizations (UN), Strategic Affairs w.r.t, West Asia, Political Economy, America etc. He has attended various conferenes nationally and internationally in U.S., Israel, Nepal, Myanmar, Brazil, Bosnia Herzegovina etc. He has also published multiple research articles in Journal and edited books..