Corporate Membership

Our corporate partners will benefit from us immensely from AIDIA network, opening global platform for their growth. Business executives will have the opportunity to elevate their organizations and careers through numerous high-level engagement channels. Analyzing and interpreting the risk factor can be proven much more beneficial in corporate sectors.



Exclusive Programs

  • Access to multi-lateral business summits.
  • Recommendations to attend international conferences.
  • VIP Invitation to attend the diplomatic dinner and international dialogue
  • Special lunch/dinner meetings with AIDIA’s distinguished International guests
  • Access to diplomatic missions


Events and Networking

  • Access to all the major events
  • Special Access to Annual Asian Economic Diplomacy Conference and annual Nepal Foreign Policy Conference
  • Special facilities in the AIDIA global business networks
  • Opportunity to be a speaker in one of the events of AIDIA according to field of interest
  • Opportunity to organize joint events with AIDIA. This will offer an exclusive platform for them to introduce their products/services to potential clients while they can establish new contacts at the same time.


Professional Programs

  • Special 20% discount in the IR and diplomacy related courses
  • Opportunity to participate in trainings, programs on business and diplomatic protocol and inter cultural relations.
  • Free access to foreign policy, International relations and diplomacy workshop.
  • Consultation on issues about global trade and investment.



  • Access to the reports of each events
  • Access to the journals of AIDIA
  • Publication of interview or article in one of the AIDIA’s publications
  • Access to the annual AIDIA booklets
  • Logo of the company will be featured and published in the website as our corporate members.


Note: ID Card and Membership certificate will be issued to the members of AIDIA


Mode of Payment 

Contribution for the corporate membership is 20,000 NPR.

Subscription to this membership is to be made by depositing membership fee in AIDIA’s bank account or by drawing a cheque in the name of “Asian Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs”.

For further queries please contact:


Please find the bank details below:

Asian Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs
Bank: Nabil Bank ltd. Baneswor branch
A/c No.: 3101017500912