Membership and Benefits


You can apply for any one among three available categories of memberships.
Applications will be reviewed and approved by the Membership Approval Committee of AIDIA.

Student Membership

Members of Asian Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs will have a wonderful experience of joining our network. This membership especially focuses on students. Understanding a need for a platform of diplomacy and international affairs, we aspire students to benefit from the process and programs of our think tank. Our membership will be proven significant in multiplying the capacity and shaping the knowledge on international relations, foreign policy, economic diplomacy, trade and business regionally and globally.

Professional Membership

Professional membership is only for staffs or individual representing academic institutions, business forms, national and international organizations, media persons, independent scholars among others. Together, with their expertise and with our platform new aspects of international relations and diplomacy can be explored. Highly motivated members will have opportunity of spreading ideas through papers and journals, speeches networking around the world within their area of expertise.

Corporate Membership

Our corporate partners will benefit from us immensely from AIDIA network, opening global platform for their growth. Business executives will have the opportunity to elevate their organizations and careers through numerous high-level engagement channels. Analyzing and interpreting the risk factor can be proven much more beneficial in corporate sectors.

Note: ID card and Certificate will be provided to all categories of members