Mr. Sunil K.C.
Chief Executive,AIDIA
Er. Mr. Ganesh Shah
Adviser, Science, Technology and Climate Change
Amb. Anil Trigunayat
Adviser, Middle East & Central Asia
Prof. Colin Evans
Adviser, Economic Diplomacy
Dr. Christopher Lingle
Visiting Fellow
Mr. Sher Bahadur KC
Distingushed Fellow
Mr. Shyam K.C
Research and Development Director
Ms. Kamana Magar
Operative Director
Ms. Sajina Rai
Deputy Program Coordinator & Research Assistant
Mr. Bishal Neupane
Public Relations Coordinator and Research Associate (Non Resident)
Mr. Sagar Kafle
Fellow for Energy and Agriculture
Ms. Sama Thapa
Host, AIDIA Dialogue
Mr. Jitesh Dangi
Office Assistant