The Asian Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs(AIDIA), is an independent, non-partisan foreign policy think-tank, based in the highly geo-strategic Himalayan region in Kathmandu, Nepal. AIDIA aims to lead a new era in foreign policy and international relations and reflects the unstoppable rise of the Asian continent as the key stakeholder in the economic, strategic and geopolitical equations of the present day world.

AIDIA provides an ideal platform for Policy Makers, Academicians and Industry leaders from around the world to come together to debate, discuss and exchange their views on the contemporary geopolitical and geoeconomic issues confronting the international community. We seek to do this by facilitating effective engagement through the various AIDIA forums to inform, educate and initiate an active involvement of Nepal's youth in foreign policy debates and decision making. AIDIA is actively engaged in providing policy analysis, facilitating diplomatic dialogue, and promoting entrepreneurial engagement among all major actors and institutions, native to or that have an interest in Asia.